Work With Me

Planet Mummy is PR friendly and I am happy to work with brands and businesses for various features. If you are interested in working with me in any way, please email me at with your proposal, timescale and any specific details – I can also provide a Media Kit upon request which includes a pricing breakdown for sponsored posts.

So, why work with me?

Since setting up my blog after my son was born, I have found passion and joy in writing about my parenting journey. Whether it’s a product I think every parent should know about, a tip/trick/routine that has helped me or just a random fun post, I always want this passion to shine through. This same passion and optimism is what I will bring to posting about your products too. My audience is primarily parents or expecting parents so this is generally who I aim my content towards, however I would love to do some more general home/lifestyle posts that may not be parenting or baby focused.


I currently work as a content writer in a digital marketing agency and so understand the importance of promotion and social media marketing which helps increase the traffic and reach of my blog posts. I share all of my posts across Twitter and Instagram with regular views coming from both platforms, as well as my followers on my blog. I have currently worked with companies such as Wake Skincare, Panasonic and Ctronics Electricals for both blog and social media content.


I always want to write about topics that fit with my blog theme and excite me – as mentioned previously I would love to branch out to slightly different topic areas. I’m always willing to have a conversation about how a collaboration could work so please do feel free to email me with a proposal of what you’d be looking for and we can certainly have a conversation about how to go about it.

I am currently working 3 days a week as well as being a mum so providing a realistic timescale for your proposal is always appreciated. This can change depending on when your email is received so if you let me know your ideal situation I can advise if that would be possible and if not suggest a close alternative.

Unless previously and mutually agreed, I am under no obligation to post about products simply because they were sent to me and will always give my honest opinion.

I really hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working on some fantastic content for my readers. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop me an email to

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