Any opinion shared in my blog posts are solely my own and do not reflect or are influenced by the ideas, ideologies, or points of view of any organisation that I may have the opportunity to work with. I am by no means a childcare professional, just another mum who decided to set up a blog to share my personal thoughts and reviews about my own experiences with products/services.

All the photographs used are my own unless otherwise stated. I am happy for my images to be reused IF permission is asked for first and I am credited appropriately. To get in touch simply email planetmummyblog@gmail.com

All products that I write about and review on this blog are described with my honest and unbiased opinion and were purchased by myself unless otherwise stated. I may from time to time review an item that has been sent to me for consideration [GIFTED] or write a sponsored post, and if so I will declare this with [AD] within the post/blog title. Should I use affiliate links throughout this blog I will mark this clearly for readers to see.

Comments on my posts are done through an approval system to reduce spam however I do actively encourage readers to leave comments with their thoughts, feedback and opinions. Please be assured that I will only filter out spam comments as previously mentioned or those that contain abusive language.

For any queries about product reviews/posts then please feel free to contact me via email on planetmummyblog@gmail.com. If you are a brand or brand representative looking to get in touch then please visit my Work With Me page where you will find more information on the types of posts I am happy to collaborate on.

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