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Favourite Christmas Themed Baby Names | Blogmas πŸŽ„

Although I’ve picked a traditional name for my boy, I’ve always loved hearing new names that are a bit more uncommon and different. Seeing as it’s coming up to Christmas, I thought I would go through my favourite Christmas themed baby names! Now, they’re all technically girls names but I don’t really like any festive boys names… 🙈


A really forward one to start with, obviously meaning Christmas. I really like two syllable names and you could always go with Ellie for a nickname if you wanted something less festive at some point.


Another obvious one but one that I think encompasses my love of Christmas names and traditional names, based on Evelyn. How perfect would this be for a little girl born on Christmas or New Year’s Eve?


Now, I feel like this name would definitely be a love or hate situation, much like other months of the year. Although it isn’t one I would personally name my own baby girl (if I were to have one) I still think it’s really beautiful.


Flora and Fauna names have always been rated very highly for girls in my mind. Ivy isn’t one of the most common ones and still fits with my love of two syllable names.

What are your favourite Christmas themed baby names? Maybe you don’t like themed names all together? Leave a comment and let me know.


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