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Slimming World After Christmas 🥗

As we all know, Christmas is one of the few times a year that is filled with the most delicious and delectable treats! So, for someone who started Slimming World in November it was a real test that I most definitely failed but that’s OK. I said to myself that I was going to allow myself to have Christmas off so I don’t get hangry and just be miserable that I can’t enjoy a chocolate orange. Trouble is, now the house is still full of Christmas chocolate and it’s calling to me…

So, as I mentioned, I gave myself Christmas off. During my last group before Christmas, we spoke about how we were all going to approach the festive season and any things we were worried about trying to struggle with. I had every best intention to try and food optimise where I could but ended up having chocolate for breakfast on a number of occasions. And the results from this weeks group?

After 2 weeks of basically eating whatever I wanted, I put on 4lbs – not ideal but at the same time it could have been MUCH worse. In my first week on Slimming World I lost 4.5lbs so I know if I stick to plan, I can get this back off rather easily. We’ve got a new consultant that started this week and so it was all a bit strange, as if it was my first week again but it was nice to be back at group even though I gained. Now it’s time to put a plan in place…

I’m 25 at the end of March and although I don’t have anything planned, it’s the perfect time to set a mini target for as it’s 1/4 into the year. By the time I reach my birthday I want to have reached my 3 stone award! It’s just under 12 weeks away which means I really need to stay on track to make this goal achievable – I’m hoping that’s going to be a motivator. In terms of my targets, I find writing lists and food diaries really helpful but a lot of those made specifically to work alongside the Slimming World plan can get quite expensive. Luckily my sister found these in Home Bargains for £1.99! They have 12 weeks worth of food diaries along with pages for weight tracking, measurement tracking, exercise tracking, meal planning and shopping lists – I bought 4 because I was afraid I’d never be able to find them again.

Well, that’s all for my first week back on Slimming World after Christmas. If you would like to see more Slimming World based posts (recipes, updates, tips etc) then I’d love to know – drop me a message or leave a comment below.


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