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5 Things I Love About Christmas | Blogmas ðŸŽ„

This time of year always makes me happy, it’s a special time that brings a lot of cheer for so many people for a variety of reasons. It means something different to everyone but these are my favourite things about the most wonderful time of the year:


There’s nothing like Christmas to bring families together. It’s a special time that puts everyone in a good mood, meaning that spending time together is pleasant. It’s always nice for George to see family and enjoy quality time with them, especially if he doesn’t get to see them very often.

Good Food

One of the best things about Christmas is definitely the food – it is leaps and bounds above the rest of the year. I’ve already gone through my favourite festive treats but it doesn’t end there; Christmas dinner is the best meal of the year, pigs in blankets, turkey and all the trimmings. I’m going to try and be more sensible this year but I’m also definitely going to enjoy myself within reason.

Cold Weather

I’m really not a fan of hot weather and this part of winter is the best. Chilly mornings, the possibility of snow, dark evenings – it really sets the scene for Christmas Day. Although I really hate waking up in the dark, having to not spend each day with heat exhaustion is great. I’m really hoping for some snow this year so George can experience it.

Time Off Work

I’ve only got 6 days off together but I know that’s a lot more than some get so I’m going to make the most of having my ‘out of office’ on and not have to think about it.


The theatrics, the “it’s behind you” and “oh yes it is!”, the theatre ice cream. Going to the panto has become a tradition since Charlie and I got together as his mum is a big fan of the theatre. George is a bit young still but he’ll definitely be coming along with us once he’s old enough.

Those are my favourite things about Christmas! There are endless things I could say about why I love this time of year but the post had to end somewhere. What are your favourite things about Christmas? Leave your answers in a comment.


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