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Best Festive Treats | Blogmas πŸŽ„

Although Christmas dinner is a big feature of the festive season, this time of year also brings us an amazing selections of treats that may get forgotten about or aren’t available in the other 11 months. If you need to stock up your cupboards then here are some reminders of the most amazing Christmas treats we have available in the UK.

Lindt Bear

The humble little Lindt bear, a true icon of Christmas treats. This little fella comes in a variety of sizes and although it’s not the cheapest of chocolate gifts, it is always appreciated and delicious. If people don’t enjoy Lindt chocolate then you need to show them the door immediately!

Chocolate Orange

Rumour has it that on Christmas Day only, these count as one of your 5-a-day. You can pick these up from £1 which makes them an absolute bargain and the special little chocolate middle bit is enough to tear a whole family apart due to it’s deliciousness.

Mini Cheddar Tubs

In my opinion, Mini Cheddars are one of the best crisps. So they should be sold in larger quantities throughout the year, not just Christmas time. I could probably demolish a whole tub to myself to be honest but that’s frowned upon.

Chocolate Tins

Roses, Heroes, Quality Street, Celebrations… All of these have their own gems inside, but none of them perfect. Hence why you need to pick up a selection of tins so you can get a bigger number of decent chocolates rather than having half of your Celebrations be wasted because they’re Snickers and Bountys.

There are so many others to mention but I had to narrow it down otherwise this would definitely be the longest post I’ve ever written. What are your favourite festive snacks? Leave your answers in the comments.

Featured Image by Rostislav Artov on Unsplash


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