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Organisation Tips for Christmas | Blogmas πŸŽ„

As a mum to a little one, I find it hard to keep myself organised at the best of times. In the run up to Christmas, I’ve realised just how beneficial it is to get everything sorted early and be able to relax a bit before the chaos ensues. Here are some great tips that you can use, not only in December but throughout the year, to help you stay on the organised path for Christmas.

Online Shopping

One that is glaringly obvious but can be forgotten about! Nearly every shop has an online version these days which means that you can get all of your gifts right to your door. I find this increasingly helpful as George gets very bored going round the shops. I appreciate the convenience of it all, not having to carry multiple bags while pushing the buggy and being able to stay in my pjs while I do it.

Saving Methods

I find saving for anything quite difficult to be honest, there’s always something you need to pay out for, especially with children. Creating saving methods that work for you will help you when it comes to the November paycheck that you need to stretch out across the festive period.

Voucher-a-Month Method – This is pretty self explanatory, you purchase a voucher every month that you can then use to buy Christmas presents. Generic high street store vouchers, such as Love2Shop would be the best to buy as they’re very diverse or perhaps for a department store. If you get between £10-£20 each month, you can have up to £240 saved to use for your Christmas presents. Essentially every little helps so even £5 would get you £60 off which could be a massive help at this time of year.

52 Week Saving Method – This one can be a bit tricky to achieve if you get paid monthly but essentially for every week of the year you save the equivalent week number in £s; so week one would be £1, week ten would be £10 and so on for every week of the year. If you manage to do this you’ll finish the year with £1378 saved up – now that would help massively!

Having A Clear Out

By giving the house a Winter clear out, you’re able to take stock of things like toys, clothes and household items that will then give you a good idea of what people need/might want for Christmas. Also, it’s a great way to make a little bit more room, especially if people are coming to your for Christmas. Fill up the bin bags and head to your local charity shop, they’re always grateful and it’ll give your donated items a new lease of life for someone. Have little ones that don’t want to get rid of anything? Bribe them with Santa! Tell them they need to fill a sack with old toys they don’t play with anymore so that he can deliver new ones.

So those are my ideas on how to keep yourself a bit more organised for the festive period! Have you got any tips for other readers? Make sure you leave them in the comments.


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