Whatโ€™s On Our Tree | Blogmas ๐ŸŽ„

Putting my Christmas tree up is a highlight every year and it always makes me feel more festive. Over the years I’ve collected some decorations that I love and reuse every year. Although our tree doesn’t have a theme, we have some themed decorations that are all affordable and I wanted to share them with you all. So without further ado, here we go…

These two are by far my favourite decorations on the tree. The reindeer we bought this year from TOFS as I just thought it would be really cute to have one with George’s name on. The 2018 one we got last year (obviously…) from Wilko as a keepsake from the year George was born; it has a little bell inside and is like a light blue metal – if I had to pick a single favourite, this would be it!

Some of you may know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and therefore have not been able to resist the giant Potter themed baubles from Primark over the years. I always find picking them up just after Christmas, in the sale, is always a great time as they’re SO cheap (normally around £2 each). I’d really like to do a Gryffindor tree one year but I think Charlie might have something to say about that! The glitter makes these really festive and I really like that they’re more of an unconventional size as it adds a different element to our tree.

Much like Harry Potter, Disney is a big love of mine! I got the Beauty and the Beast bauble from Primark a couple of years ago for around £4; it’s the same size as the Harry Potter ones. I picked up the Mickey and Minnie ones this year so your Primark may have some in! I originally went in looking for a Mickey wreath but I came out with these – they had a bigger set but I didn’t want to go overboard.

Now, no tree is complete without the basics so we’ve got multicoloured lights, tinsel and generic sparkly baubles which you’ll be able to see in the featured image. What’s your favourite ornament on your tree? Tell me about it in a comment, I’d love to hear about it!

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