Favourite Independent Shops for Gifts | Blogmas ğŸŽ„

Christmas shopping – one of my most hated jobs of the year, alongside spring cleaning. But it doesn’t have to be horrible for everyone, supporting small businesses and creators over the festive period can really help them thrive and makes a huge difference. I wanted to tell you all about some of my favourite creators at the moment so if you’re looking for some gift inspiration, this is the place to be!

Beep Bop Boop Prints

Adorable prints that look amazing in your home! Beep Bop Boop have a range of designs available that can be personalised to add that extra special touch. The bright colours make them super attractive to all audiences and make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for anyone. Humorous, informative, simple and yet effective – these prints really add something to a space and are wonderfully unique so you know you’re not going to find the same thing in every other home. Don’t forget, you can get FREE UK DELIVERY on all of their prints too!


Nostalgia, bright colours, adorable designs, personalised portraits… the work of this hard working mumma is a-ma-zing! There’s definitely something for everyone in her shop from prints to pins, stationery to stickers, you can’t deny the talent that she had for designing products. She puts so much heart and passion in to her work that she deserves an enormous amount of success; be sure to get your orders in before the Christmas post deadline! Also, definitely give her a follow on Instagram to stay up to date with new product releases, support new product ideas through pre-orders and just enjoy her hilariously relatable stories.

Bella Makes Crafts

Another fabulous mum with amazing talent for creating products, this lovely lady takes scrabble tiles and transforms them into beautiful pieces for your home. Every product is so personal and thoughtful that you’re sure to receive a great big hug for giving such a wonderful gift.

Those are just 3 of the wonderful creators that I’m loving and that deserve your support this Christmas. The impact that buying from independent creators can have is crazy and if everyone just supported one small business this Christmas, it would be a massive help to so many. Leave your favourite creators and small business in the comments so others can check them out too.

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