My Christmas Wish List | Blogmas 🎄

Since becoming a mum, my idea of Christmas has changed dramatically, in turn, so have the things I wish for. Don’t get me wrong, there are material things that I still want but somehow they seem to have fallen down the list compared some more ‘everyday’ things. Here’s what I’m wishing for this Christmas 👇

A Lie In

Is this not at the top of every parent’s wish list? Now, George *touch wood* is a relatively good sleeper so it’s not as if I’m sleep deprived but I do miss the days where I didn’t have to get up at 7am every day. Sometimes I want to be able to stay in bed until like 9am and just enjoy lying there… anyone else?

A Happy Baby

As we found out at George’s birthday recently, he gets a bit overwhelmed when too many people come round. If there’s one thing I could wish for on Christmas Day, this would be it. When George is happy it makes everything so much easier and that’s what I need on Christmas as it’s stressful enough as it is already.

An Abundance of Chocolate

I have a massive sweet tooth and it’s been the hardest thing to not buy chocolate since I’ve been on SlimmingWorld. I have decided that Christmas Day is going to be a day off plan and I’ll thoroughly enjoy myself without counting the syns. This means treating myself to a chocolate orange, Toblerone and an indescribable amount of Cadbury heroes – I cannot wait!

Time to Watch Gavin & Stacey

Who else is excited for the Gavin & Stacy Christmas Special?! Honestly, since they announced it I have been absolutely buzzing for it. I know people want to chat and converse throughout the holiday season but for the duration of this television event, all I want is silence so I can enjoy it in all it’s glory (while stuffing my face with chocolate – see above).

A New Book

I’m making it one of my resolutions to read more in 2020 so having something new to tuck into is always nice. I mean, books are normally always a part of my Christmas presents, whether it’s a voucher for a book shop or an actual novel so this one is almost certainly coming true.

What’s on your Christmas Wish List this year? Maybe it’s random things like me, maybe it’s actual things that you want – either way, let me know by leaving a comment with your answers in.

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