Enjoying Christmas with a Newborn | Blogmas 🎄

If you’re going to be spending your first Christmas as a parent this year then firstly, congratulations! You’re in for a magical time while also being the most sleep deprived you’ve ever been – it’s weird and wonderful but can be a little stressful. As George is a November baby, he was only 4 weeks old when Christmas came around last year so I’ve got a few tips on making it through the day with your new little bundle of joy.

Let Everyone Come To You

If you’re just adjusting to parenthood, chances are you don’t want to be dragging yourselves and all the new baby gear around. By having everyone come to you, it’s up to you who you want to see and when they can come round. Put in time slots for people so you can still enjoy some time with your little one on your own; those who care about you and your baby will understand. Standing your ground is a key part in this and not letting people walk all over you. Being in your own home also means that you can have a place to escape to if you need a few minutes to yourself.

Online Shopping Is Your Saviour

Gone now are the days when all you need to do is grab your purse and your keys to go shopping – it has become a military operation and could last a mater of 30 minutes before you have to come home because baby is grumpy, not to mention trying to juggle loads of bags and the pushchair. Luckily we live in the era of the internet and online shopping can definitely save you here. When you’re doing the night feeds, when little one is having a nap, whenever you just get a free second you can jump online and get some stuff on order. I would definitely also recommend getting your food shop online too, you don’t need to be bringing the bags of festive treats in while trying to get baby in the house as well.

Don’t Put Pressure On Gifts

Babies are expensive, even from before they’re born. If it gets to Christmas and you can’t afford to get people presents or don’t have the time to shop then don’t worry about it! You’re nurturing a new little life, if people get shitty because they didn’t get a present then you can kindly show them the door.

Be Prepared For It To All Go Wrong

The unpredictability of a newborn means that everything could go wrong at any second and now you’re a parent you just have to be prepared for that. Your baby needs you, you’re their safe place and so having loads of people over may overwhelm them or maybe in the cold of winter they’re not feeling their best, teething, sleep regression… the list goes on! Basically just enjoy all the cuddles you can while being surrounded by festive lights for a bit of added Christmas magic.

That’s it! Try and just go with the flow as much as you can basically, especially if your baby is really little. Are you spending your first Christmas with you new addition? I hope you have a wonderfully magical time! ✨

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