Christmas Gift Guide for a 1 Year Old | Blogmas πŸŽ„

It can be really tricky to buy for your little one at Christmas, they’re too little to know what Christmas is but old enough to know that something is going on and you want them to be involved in the festivities. On one of my late night scrolls through Pinterest, I came across a wonderful rule for buying presents for kids at Christmas:

📷 – Pinterest

I thought this was such a wonderful way of looking at gift giving. It’s so easy to get carried away and buy loads of unnecessary gifts, then it gets to Christmas day and you have to find a space for it all. With this in mind, I thought I would share some ideas on what we’ve bought for George based on these categories.


Now this is a pretty obvious one following the ‘something they read’ prompt. I’m a huge advocate for wanting to get children to fall in love with reading, I think it’s so important in the era of technology that some more traditional mediums aren’t left behind. There were some classic books I had growing up that I also wanted to get for George so that he can enjoy them too. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dear Zoo were ones I picked up from Waterstones – you could probably find them for a cheaper price on Amazon but I love the feeling of going into a bookshop and browsing the shelves. The Works is also a great place to check out for books, they’ve got a 10 for £10 deal on at this time of year which covers loads of festive books as well as general stories and classics like We’re Going On A Bear Hunt! If you’re applying this rule to older children or maybe even adults you could go for something a bit different and get them a magazine subscription.

Development Toys


In terms of ‘something they need’ I think of things that will help their cognitive development and allow them to learn new skills. Things like stack-able rings and shape sorters have always been a huge hit with George. His favourite toy since he was about 4 months old has been this one specific set of stacking cups – like, he could play with them for hours! We picked up a gorgeous stacking set from Melissa & Doug with just a simple rainbow colour design and a Noah’s Ark animal sorter wooden toy from Wilkinson’s – they currently have a great range of wooden toys in so definitely check it out if you’re looking for some gift inspiration. For something a little bit different, JoJoMamanBebe have a gorgeous stack-able toy that’s shaped like a burger and you have to pile up the ingredients.


Some how, children always need clothes – I don’t understand it. We must have to go shopping for George every 3 months, it’s crazy! When they’re this little, the majority of the joy comes from ripping open the paper so giving them essentials or ‘something they need’ won’t be sniffed at by them just yet.

So those are some ideas on what to get your little one for Christmas. Have you already finished your Christmas shopping? What has your little one got under the tree this year? Share your present ideas in the comments.

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