Stocking Filler Ideas for a One Year Old | Blogmas šŸŽ„

Merry Blogmas everyone! Welcome to my 2019 Blogmas Series, I thought I’d kick it all off with some great ideas on stocking fillers for your little ones. Don’t forget to follow me to stay up to date with this jam-packed month of Christmas content.

When it comes to Christmas, people can differ very strongly in opinions of how much you should spend on your children, especially when they’re still little. Although George won’t know what Christmas is, he’s going to be excited by all the lights and presents (mostly wrapping paper) and seeing all of his family throughout the day. Charlie and I do a stocking for each other every year and I wanted George to begin this tradition with us this year. But what do you get a 1 year old to put in a stocking? I’ve got a few ideas to get your started if you’re thinking of doing a stocking for your little one too.

Sensory Items

This is what makes up the bulk of George’s stocking this year. Inspired by our time at Baby Sensory, I wanted him to have some bits at home that are similar to those in class that he seems to enjoy so much. All of these bits were from Amazon but sold by an independent store so Prime wasn’t available, however they were SUPER cheap!

Small Essentials

When they’re probably going to be happier to play with wrapping paper than a new toy, fill your little one’s stocking with essentials that they need. Socks, vests, dummies, you might as well wrap them up and chuck them in. Give them the joy of opening something with the practicality of an item(s) they actually need.

Sweet Treats

George is going to be just over 13 months old on Christmas and I’ll be waiting until then to give him his first real taste of the wonderful world of chocolate! I’ve tried really hard to keep his sweet treats limited throughout our entire weaning journey and this boy deserves a treat now! Things like chocolate coins or mini santas will be perfect as they’re easy to portion out and keep track of. If he’s lucky, he might get a segment of chocolate orange.

So those are my Christmas stocking ideas for my one year old this year. Will you be adding similar items to your children’s stockings or do you go for something a little bit different? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

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