My First Year as a Mum

It’s been nearly a year since I became George’s mum, every time I even think about this is baffles me. There’s been amazing moments as well as very low ones but it’s been an incredible journey. Becoming a mother has changed my life forever and there are a few points I wanted to touch on that I’ve discovered in the past year; some I expected, some I didn’t but they’ve all shaped the past 12 months and so I thought they were important to share.

You’ve Never Known Love Like It

Although I’ve been quite honest about how I’ve struggled with motherhood at points, the love I have for my boy is indescribable. Who knew that such a little being would become my entire world! I’ve spent a whole year looking after this human that completely depends on me and I can’t quite believe we’ve made it. This boy has stolen my heart and I cannot even remember what life was like without him! Don’t get me wrong, some days he does my nut in but I always love him.

Not only that but you discover a whole new love for your other half, cliché I know but it’s true. When you see them hold your baby, your heart expands more than you could ever imagine.

Fed is Best

Possibly the hardest and most important lesson I’ve learnt since becoming a mum. There is SO much pressure on mums these days about pretty much anything to do with parenting. Trying to tackle the mum guilt of not breastfeeding and then switching to formula from expressed milk was tough – I felt like I’d let George down, that I wasn’t giving him the best start in life. Having a baby that has a nice full belly is the most important thing. Whether it’s breast or bottle, expressed milk or formula, your baby’s health and your happiness is the most important thing.

People are Going to Disappear

People you thought were your friends, people who said they’d be there for you, people who you’d never expect it from – it’s a weird feeling. You’re so vulnerable with your emotions after giving birth to your baby and now people that you thought wanted to be a part of your child’s life have now fallen off the radar. There are a number of reasons that people may do this but it’s important to remember that you don’t need those people – you’ll form a network of people you trust to support you and be there for you when you need them.

Going Back to Work is Tough

Possibly the biggest struggle I’ve had is leaving George to go back to work. I cried and cried, George had never been looked after for more than an hour by other people and now I had no choice but to leave him all day. We’re in a great routine now and he loves spending time with his Granny and going to nursery, plus it’s nice to step back for a few days a week and enjoy a hot cup of tea.

Milestones are Sh*t

I spent far too much time this past year worrying about why George wasn’t developing certain skills as fast as others (crawling for example) and being gobsmacked when he did things a little earlier than ‘expected’. Children should enjoy being children, they’ll find their way with things like walking. I think George is just a little bit lazy too be honest but there will come a time when he’ll take steps and I’ll be super proud, regardless of when it first happens.

Mum Friends are Invaluable

I’ve got a whole post dedicated to this that I wrote recently but in a nutshell – mum friends are essential, I wouldn’t have coped without mine.

Things I’d Change?

Absolutely nothing. Whatever we’ve been through in the past year, good and bad, has shaped my little boy into the character that he is and has made him such a wonderful little human. It’s not always been sunshine and rainbows but we’ve made it this far and I couldn’t imagine my life without him now.

How have you found your parenting experience so far? I love hearing about different journeys and approaches so please do leave a comment with your thoughts and feelings.

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