6-12 Month Baby Essentials

It’s been a while since I did an ‘essentials’ post and since George is now reaching a year old, I wanted to tell you about the items that have made the past 6 months a whole lot easier. It’s crazy to think that your essential products can change so often, is it really essential is you only need it for a few months? Yes. I’ve found that anything that makes my job as a mum easier is well worth the investment.


I included the PoddlePod in my Newborn Essentials post and once George got too big for that, we knew we needed the bigger model. The ToddlePod is suitable for ages 6-36 months so you can get a LOT of use out of it, making it more than worth the money you’re spending. They also have a gorgeous range of different covers and personalisation options available to make it perfect for your little one. George naps on the sofa at home and so having something that he can be comfortable in is really important. He has always loved his little pod and it has been a lifesaver for us, giving us a quiet couple of hours during the day for a cuppa while he naps.

BambooBamboo Plate£14.99

Weaning is a big part of the life of your baby past 6 months; it is both exciting and exhausting so making is more enjoyable is never a bad thing. As well as being super cute, the BambooBamboo range is plastic free and eco-friendly. It’s the only plate we’ve found that George can’t detach and throw on the floor (a blessing when you spend half your evenings prepping food for the next day)! It makes meal times fun for George without me having to spend forever cutting things into intricate shapes and to top it all off is extremely easy to clean! Some people may say it is a lot of money for one plate but we use it for every meal time and to us it’s more than worth the money; hoping to pick George up another one plate and bowl very soon.

Nappy Caddy£10.99

When your little one gets on the move, nappy changing can become a bit of an extreme sport. We’ve got a changing table upstairs in George’s room, but babies don’t stick to a schedule – you can be cleaning 4 nappies in the space of an hour and carrying an increasingly heavy baby up and down stairs each time can get boring. Filled with all of your nappy changing essentials and maybe a few added extras, having this to hand either in your living room or somewhere downstairs can be a real help when an urgent nappy emergency arises. Some items included in ours are:

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Nappy bags
  • Sudocrem
  • Muslins
  • Hair brush
  • Nail clippers

The one we have has loads of pockets around the outside and the ability to change the size of the sections to make it easy to fit all of your favourite products in.

Dancing Matchstick Monkey£14.95

Teething is horrible, there’s no other way to say it. Even the most placid and content babies can turn into someone you don’t even recognise anymore. Having a teething toy that your little one can hold and manoeuvre is going to make the whole process a little easier and the Matchstick Monkey range is perfect for just that. I got our dancing monkey as a gift at my baby shower and it is a fantastic product, George can use it independently and I can add a bit of teething gel onto it for a bit of extra relief too. I did include them in my Teething: Best & Worst list but I couldn’t do an essentials post without mentioning this again. The whole range is gorgeous, they’ve recently brought out new colours and new characters as well as mini versions so there’s something for everyone.

Those are my essential products for babies aged 6-12 months. If you’ve tried any of these or have any others that you couldn’t live without, then leave them in the comments as it could always help other parents/carers who are coming up to this milestone.

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