Bonfire Night with a Baby/Toddler

Bonfire Night. Before having a child this was a yearly event that didn’t require a military operation to plan; you could go to a local display or even go away to watch some spectacular sights. Now there’s a baby (possibly more than one) that you need to consider, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful time! Here are some tips on keeping your little ones safe and enjoying the night at the same time.

Limit the Noise

Children’s ears are super sensitive, especially when they’re babies, so making sure they’re protected especially if at a professional/organised firework display. You can make them more comfortable with the loud noise through wearing ear muffs or ear defenders if you want to be close to the action, you can also get baby ear plugs now or even just watch the display from in your car – then you get protected from the cold and the noise.

Give the Heat & Fireworks a Wide Berth

If you’ve decided to have your own display at home then there’s not going to be a steward telling you how far back to stand so making sure you’ve got enough space to be safe is crucial. Whether you’re having a bonfire, fireworks or both, stay as far back as you can.

Keep Baby with You

Definitely a super obvious one but things can change in a split second. Making sure you’ve got hold of your little one at all times will not only prevent any nasty accidents but can help if they get a little bit startled by all the noise and people.

Watch Out For Sparklers

Sparklers, red hot sticks that get given to young children – sensible, right? Making sure you’re on top of your sparkler safety is a big must before you give on to your child. Always show and help them to hold it away from their face, clothing and hair and make sure they’re wearing gloves to protect their hands.

Be Prepared to Abandon your Plans

It is entirely possible that your baby or child might have a meltdown, even though we might enjoy the bright lights, your little one might find it all a bit too much. So being prepared to leave if it all gets on top of them will make it easier on you and them.

What will you be getting up to this bonfire night? Have you got any tips on how to have a great night when you’ve got the kids to think of too? Let me know in the comments!

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Featured Image by Krister on Unsplash

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