11 Month Baby & Mum Update

I cannot believe I’m writing this 11 month update… my baby is 11 months old! It’s been nearly a whole year since I gave birth – it feels as though this has gone so quickly but at the same time I cannot even imagine my life without him now. We’ve been rather busy this month so I’ll get straight into it. As always, catch up on last months update here.

Crawling Update

Guess who’s FINALLY learnt to crawl properly?! Something we’ve been waiting for him to do for a couple of months now – if you’ve been reading our monthly updates you’ll know that George has been mobile but not actually crawling, more just rolling around. I feel like there’s no stopping him now, he’s trying to climb on everything and pull himself up on everything. He’s a little behind all of his friends in terms of this milestone but it’s such a relief to see him scooting around more now.


This is an adorable addition to George’s bag of tricks. We were eating dinner and suddenly he starts clapping as if he’s been doing it forever. He’s started to copy and listen to us more now so when we clap he’ll copy and if I ask him to he generally does it. I don’t think it’s coincidence, I think he is actually listening and understanding.


George has started going to nursery one day a week and it’s done him the world of good! Now I’m back at work it became increasingly difficult to meet up with our mum and baby friends and socialise. In terms of siblings in the future, I’m not too sure where I stand, so making sure George knows how to interact and share with other children is really important to me. He’s getting on really well there, the people who work there love him and he loves them. We can see him already improving in terms of trying to pull himself up on things and trying to stand – he’s so much more confident in trying new things. You can find out more about George’s nursery experience in my post all about his first day.


So, along with the usual coughs and colds, George has been sick quite frequently this month. 3 bouts of projectile vomiting about a week apart from each other. The first two were paired with hysterical and inconsolable crying but the last one was as if it hadn’t happened – he was ready to play still covered in that night’s dinner, clapping and smiling. This led into him being super snotty and having a stinking cold. I’ve spent a few nights on the sofa with him this month and it’s safe to say that I am a person who definitely needs my sleep.

1 Year Review

Confusing but we’ve already had George’s year review. We had some questionnaires that we needed to fill out and bring along sent out in the post a few weeks before the appointment. I was worried about whether he was where he needs to be in terms of milestones but the health visitor seemed really happy with him and his development. He’s gone up a percentile in both weight and length so that’s awesome!

That’s about it for the big stuff this month! Nothing much has changed with me so I won’t bore anyone with mundane details about my month. There’s only a month left until my boy turns one so I’ve got a LOT of planning to do for a birthday party he won’t even remember; mum life eh?

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