Helping Baby Adjust to the Clocks Going Back

Daylight savings in October to most people means an extra hour in bed; this blissful hour does not exist if you are a parent. I know, totally unfair! Getting your little ones to sleep through can be a battle all on it’s own before you start messing with the time. There are a few things that you can do to help your little one adjust to the change in the hope that you’ll be able to stick to your routine rather than being woken up an hour earlier. Now, this is just advice based on things I’ve heard from mum friends and read online – if you have any other suggestions please do leave them in the comments.

Clear as Night and Day

Keeping clear boundaries between day and night will help your little one understand when they’re going for a nap and when they’re going for their longer night time sleep. With the change in time possibly leading to brighter mornings, it may be worth while to invest in blackout curtains/blinds to help your children sleep through to their ‘usual’ wake up time.

Adjust the Routine Slowly

In the week leading up to the clock changing, move the routine forward by 10 minutes each day. Including things like bath time, dinner and going to bed, gradually adjusting the routine will help your little one slowly ease in to the change rather than a sudden change. If your little one is notoriously difficult when it comes to settling at night time, it might be that you want to adjust over a couple of weeks to give them extra time to get used to new routines.

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

With the clocks changing, you know it’s getting into winter time. Be sure to keep a close eye on the temperature of your baby’s room and switch to a thicker tog sleeping bag or adjust your central heating to give them a comfortable environment to sleep in. We’ve got a Grow Egg in George’s nursery so we know when we need to change his night time clothes or leave the heating on a little longer.

Those are my top 3 tips to helping your baby adjust to the clocks changing. Like I said before, this is by no means a gospel and we all know that every baby is different but if you have any tips that may help new parents then be sure to leave it in the comments.

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Featured Image by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash

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