10 Month Baby & Mum Update

When will time slow down? I can’t believe that my little boy is 10 months old already! A lot has changed in the past month and it’s becoming more obvious that George is growing up. Before I know it, my baby is going to be a whole year old and I’m just so not ready for it to be honest. As always, if you want to catch up on last month’s update then click here.

Back to Work

My maternity leave came to an end *sad music plays in the distance* and I’m totally gutted about it. In terms of going back, I’m only back part time (3 days a week) so it’s not the end of the world but 3 days away from George is definitely long enough. Being at work is nice, I get to see some of my old work friends again and actually have some adult conversation but god do I miss this boy. After I got home on my first day back I felt SO guilty that I’d had a good day without G – how ridiculous is that? I’ve also been feeling really down and I’m not sure if it’s related to going back to work but I just can’t seem to shake this sadness. Charlie will ask me what’s wrong and I honestly can’t tell him, like I can’t even vocalise what I’m feeling sad about. I’m a pretty emotional person anyway but the tears have been flowing recently. Has anyone else experienced this after going back to work or know if something else could have set this off?

Crawling & Sitting Up

On to some more positive stuff – progress has been made with George and crawling! While it’s not quite the traditional sense of crawling, he’s getting very close. Rather than rolling to where he wants to go, he’s pushing himself forward with his legs. He still needs to build up a bit of arm strength though as a lot of the time he is pushing his head along the floor 🙈 He’s also figured out how to sit himself up from lying down which he seems very impressed with – mostly he does this when I’m trying to put him down for a nap… I think the next step is definitely going to be pulling himself up to standing, he’s already trying but just isn’t quite there yet. Who knows, he may master it tomorrow! He’s the oldest out of our little baby bunch but the last one to get moving really – it’s been really difficult trying to not get caught up in it and compare him to others, like REALLY difficult but they all get it in their own time. George is a pretty chilled little boy most of the time so he was just happy playing with what was within reach or rolling to what he wanted because he knew how to do that. It’ll be interesting to see how he matches up in other milestones, whether he’s just lazy or if he manages to do some things early.

Spitting Out Food

Thankfully it seemed as though this was just a phase but George decided for a couple of weeks that he just liked to push food out of his mouth. He’d eat it eventually but first of all he’d give it a chew, open his mouth and then just let it fall out of his mouth. Weird! We just kept offering him the same meals and he *touch wood* hasn’t done it in a few days so hopefully it’s over. Has anyone else experienced this with their babies? Have no idea where it came from!

Naps, or Lack Thereof…

Since I’ve gone back to work, George is being looked after by some of our family 3 days a week. Now, being a routine led parent I pretty much have an itinerary of how a day will go – how much milk he’ll drink, when he’ll nap, how long for… but it all seems to have gone a little bit pear-shaped when it comes to me putting him down when I’m home. I’m not sure if it’s just the change in people looking after him or he doesn’t want a morning nap anymore or the routine for putting him down hasn’t been followed but man is it stressful. George has always been a great sleeper so this sudden change has been really hard to adjust to. Much the same with the food thing, I think I need to just keep doing what I normally do and see if he adjusts back to going down the way he did before. I know, it could be much worse but as a mum who has spent 9 months creating a routine where he eats well, sleeps well and is a happy boy, it’s difficult to cope with the change.

New Tooth

So yesterday (Sunday) the day before he turned 10 months we noticed a new tooth poking through! It’s a bottom one which takes him up to 7 teeth now. We’re brushing his teeth once a day currently as his gums are obviously very sore. He’s starting to get a real cheesy grin going and it’s the most adorable thing.

That’s pretty much everything for the past month. I’ve already started planning for George’s birthday which is going to come round a lot faster than I think. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to – has your little one hit any milestones? Let me know 👇


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