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I’ve always been a big fan of podcasts but since becoming a mum, my tastes have definitely changed. It’s great to have something on in the background while I’m home with George without having the TV on. A wireless device, such as a Panasonic wireless home cinema system or soundbar, is really all you need – just connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and you’re all set up ready to go!

If you’re looking for something new to listen to and love hearing about the ups and downs of parenting through someone elses experiences then these will be good ones for you.

Happy Mum Happy Baby – Giovanna Fletcher

Since I found out I was pregnant with George, I’ve been following Giovanna on Instagram – she is an absolute gem. She’s very relatable, even if she is married to Tom from McFly! Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast is an interview style show with a different guest each episode and they talk about their experiences of parenthood. My favourite so far has definitely been Nadiya from The Great British Bake Off; such an interesting episode to listen to. This is one of my top parenting podcasts because of the range of guests that are involved, meaning that you get to hear about parenting from so many different angles and learn about different ways of doing things. Davina McCall, Jeff Brazier, Chris & Rosie Ramsey – there really is a guest for everyone. It’s a very chilled back interview so perfect easy listening while your little one naps or you’re doing the washing up etc. Start out with series one here or just search Happy Mum, Happy Baby on your preferred podcast app.

Mom And Dad Are Fighting

From toddlers to teens, our kids throw a whole load of curve balls our way and we don’t always know how to deal with them. Mom and Dad are Fighting is an amazing advice podcast from the people at Slate, offering up suggestions on how to deal with listener problems as well as tackling some real-life issues such as teaching your children about racism and relationships. With multiple panellists, you get differing points of view which is really helpful to see issues from the opposing side. It’s great to hear from some down to earth humans rather than “professionals” who might not even have kids themselves! Check their episodes out here or give them a search.

Mighty Mommy

With 8 (yes 8!) children, Cheryl Butler of Mighty Mommy has got enough experience under her belt to help so many – and she does! As well as writing for a column, she also does podcasts providing advice on basically everything parenting can throw at you, literally everything. With a humorous, level-headed approach, it’s definitely a great listen if you need some reassurance on challenges you may be facing at the moment. The episodes are all sectioned off so it’s really easy to find advice on a specific topic and they’re not too long either so great for a little burst of entertainment to escape with. Find her podcasts here or search Mighty Mommy on any good podcast app.

So those are my top 3 parenting podcasts! I’m always looking for more podcast recommendations so leave yours below and let me know if you love any of the ones I have chosen too.

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