Best & Worst: Hospital Bag Edition

Packing my bag for hospital was one of the most exciting parts of nesting during my pregnancy. I’d watched a million YouTube videos of what other mums had packed and what they found useful that I’d convinced myself I was an expert. How wrong was I? Very – I’d never given birth before, I didn’t know what I was going to need or not need. Now, every woman is different and so if any of my worst things are going to bring you comfort by packing them, then do it – you can always just bring it home again, no-one has to know.



Home comforts are a big thing needed when you’re in labour, especially if you’re giving birth in a hospital/maternity home; it can be really unsettling to be so vulnerable in an environment that isn’t your own. For me, a comforting thing is a nice pair of cosy slippers. I bought myself a lovely new pair as a treat and put them straight in my hospital bag.

Nivea Lip Balm

Now this was a lifesaver! I’d been told by a lot of other mums that I needed to pack a lip balm and I can safely say that they were 100% right. Gas an air makes your lips unbelievably dry, not to mention all the controlled breathing and panting you’re doing while in labour.

Boots Maternity Pads

This was another mummy must have that a lot of people recommended. Nothing prepared me for that part of the whole postpartum recovery thing, it is messy. You need to be able to be comfortable and be focused on your new family without having to worry about things like that. The ones that they give you in hospital are like having a mattress in your underwear, trust me the Boots brand are MUCH better.

Wheelie Suitcase

Once you go into hospital, you want to make things as easy as possible. Depending on how your labour progresses you might be moved rooms a couple of times and you don’t want to be hauling bags around. I found it was really helpful to have all of my things in a cabin sized suitcase with wheels on and the all the stuff for the baby in his changing bag which your birthing partner or nurse can help carry.


Labour Clothes

Pointless. Dignity is non-existent when you go into labour and you just end up naked anyway. Don’t get me wrong, you need to be really comfortable after so bring clothes with you but try not to have expectations that you’re going to give birth in a beautiful floral gown; plus it’s another thing you’ll just have to wash when you get home.

Make Up

This just took up room in my bag to be honest. Now, by make up I mean things like eye liner, contour, highlighter etc. I would definitely take anything that may be part of a daily skin care routine, putting on some moisturiser after being awake for 4 days really did help me feel a little bit more refreshed. In terms of actual make up, I would say a concealer and some mascara would be the top priorities if you want to pop something on before visitors come to see you. If you’re not having visitors then I definitely wouldn’t bother.

Nursing Bra

Now, breastfeeding is difficult especially right at the beginning, Just let your ladies hang free, restricting them in any form of bra is just going to get in the way. If you want something to pop on under your t-shirt, maybe try a crop top instead. Also, I read that wearing a nursing bra too soon (especially an underwired one) can delay your milk coming in – please don’t take that as gospel but may be something worth looking in to if you’re wanting to breastfeed.

Now, obviously all of this is just from personal experience. If you want to take in a whole kit of make up to do a full face then you go for it mumma! I just wanted to share the things that I found useful and those not so handy to give you a bit of an insight into packing a hospital bag if this is your first time around. I would also recommend packing your bag at the latest 36 weeks just in case. Sending you so much love if you’re packing your bag ready to have your baby soon!

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