9 Month Baby & Mum Update

George is 3/4 of a year old, how is that even possible? It feels like only yesterday he was a squishy little newborn but at the same time I can hardly remember life without him. While we’re still struggling on the crawling front, we’ve had a few new things developing over the past month. If you need to catch up on our last update then click here.

Pincer Grip (Motor Skills)

Weaning has morphed a little bit for us over the past couple of weeks. We’re moving on from more finger sized pieces of food to smaller bits that George can try and pick up with his thumb and index finger. Sometimes he’s really good at thing and other times he just likes to mush stuff into oblivion – he’ll get there! We’ve also bought some baby cutlery by Tommee Tippee to start seeing if he’ll use this. Any tips for introducing cutlery would be welcome so please leave me a comment.


We’ve had a lot more babbling this month, as if he’s trying to form something coherent rather than just noises – obviously it makes no sense but it’s super cute. Also George has learnt the ‘G’ sound and added that to his repertoire! So we’ve now got Ma, Da, Ba and Guh; it definitely sounds like he says mama and dada but he doesn’t associate it with us so I don’t think it counts. 🙈

Change in Naps

George has always been a relatively good sleeper but recently we’ve noticed a little shift in his patterns – he was starting to wake earlier and taking longer to put down at night. I think sleep regression and teething played a part in this to be honest. We decided to switch George over to 2 naps a day, a little one in the morning and then a slightly longer one in the middle of the afternoon. Since then he’s had an earlier bed time and still sleeps through until around the same time every morning which is great. If you’re a routine-led parent, when did you swap your little one to just one nap a day? How did you manage with the transition?

End of Maternity

I actually cannot believe that my maternity leave is over. I feel really sad that I have to leave my little guy – I’ve been his main source of care for the past 9 months, no-one has ever looked after him for a whole day without me being there. I’m finding it very hard to deal with that in my head and the fact that I’ve worked so hard to create and stick to a routine since he’s been born. I have to trust other people to follow that and look after George. One of the biggest things I have learnt about myself since becoming a mother is that I am a huge control freak and this is just amplifying these tendencies at the moment. I’m only going back 3 days a week and I am looking forward to having some adult conversation but I know I’m going to miss George so freaking much and I don’t know that I’m ready for those emotions yet – will I ever be? Another big thing is missing milestones – I’ve asked the people who are going to be looking after George to not tell me if he learns something new so when I see it for myself I can believe it’s the first time, does that sound crazy? Probably…

Anyway, that’s our past month in a blog post. Sorry it’s a week late, I decided to take some time off to enjoy the bank holiday and my last week on maternity leave – please wish me luck! If you have any advice of how to cope when you go back to work after a baby then I’d love to hear it.

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