Nursery Tour 2019

George’s nursery is such a beautiful little room and I want to share it with you all. We do have a slightly bigger bedroom in the house which will eventually become his as he gets older but while he’s still so little, the smaller bedroom is the perfect size for him. We’re not too sure what the situation is regarding decorating in our home at the moment but I’m hoping that one day we’ll be able to paint some form of mural in there – might put together a Pinterest board full of nursery inspo! Anyway, on with the tour…

So, as I mentioned, this room isn’t huge but all of George’s furniture fits in here really nicely; it’s like the room was made for him. We brought all the furniture from the old house with us as there’s still plenty of life left in it and we didn’t see the point in getting new stuff. I think once he starts to get more large scale toys (play kitchens and train sets etc) that will be when we move him into the bigger bedroom as this one is pretty much at capacity.

The cot we have is from IKEA, nothing special but it does the job! It also gives us some space underneath for extra storage – currently I have some clothes in the next size up under there. We got a mattress from Mothercare and picked up a load of bedding in one of the ASDA baby events. The mattress was one of the most important buys for me as I knew I wanted something that would be comfortable and supportive for my boy. George has always been a really good sleeper (thank my lucky stars) and when we moved him from the crib in our room he didn’t have any problem adjusting so he must be reasonably comfortable.

Cot accessories: Penguin Soft Toy (Tesco), Turtle Light Projector (John Lewis), Rabbit & Star Hanger (JellyCat), Bunting (Gift), Sleeping Bag (Sainsbury’s).

In terms of clothing storage, we knew that George didn’t need a wardrobe but I wanted somewhere to hang up some special and more bulky pieces. We found the perfect clothing rail on Mothercare; it doesn’t take up loads of room and has the little shelf at the bottom so you can put a basket or something on it for more storage space. The chest of drawers is from Argos – to be honest, when we ordered it I thought it would be bigger but for George it’s still a good amount of space. I tend to section out his drawers so vests go in the top, t-shirts and tops in the middle and then any trousers or shorts etc go in the bottom.

Most of George’s toys are in our living room at the moment but we keep his story books and soft toys upstairs. I saw this bookcase first over on @dorkfaceblog on Instagram and was really shocked to find out it is from ALDI – I ordered the alien/monster toy basket at the same time as they were having a sale on children’s furniture and accessories. They don’t have the same patterns of either item online anymore but you might still be able to pick up one in store.

These shelves were already up in the house when we moved in and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to display some of the bits I’ve been collecting for George. I think that I’ll rotate them throughout the year and definitely as he grows up to keep it fresh.

Top shelf (Left to Right): Paddington Bear from M&S, Giraffe Cracked Glaze Ornament from Poundland, Bear Photoframe was a gift, Wooden Dinosaur from Waterstones and a Gro Egg Room Thermometer.

Bottom Shelf (Left to Right): Mickey Mouse Plush from Disney Store, Big Book of Fairytales, Stackable Cups from Wilko, Amazon Echo Dot and a lamp from Argos.

Our changing table I got from Facebook Marketplace so I’m not sure where it’s from. The dinosaur picture was drawn by one of our really talented friends. It’s got really large shelves which means I can put different types of boxes underneath. On the first shelf I’ve got all the things needed to change his bum and E45 cream for after his baths. I’ve also got a divided box type thing which contains things like nappy rash cream, antibacterial wipes, brushes and socks. I’ve got his old PoddlePod and a big box of extras on the bottom shelf, full of things like bubble bath, toothpaste, sudocrem and a load of coat hangers. The little light blue box is full of his memory things which I’ve kept, I want to get a proper keepsake box but for the moment this does just fine.

So, that’s George’s nursery! I’d love to hear any of your space saving hacks for little rooms or any suggestions for future posts – leave me a comment.

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