Mummy Cleaning Must Haves

As a new mum, I’ve definitely found that keeping my house clean and tidy all the time is a near impossible task. There are a few things I do everyday to help keep on top of it and I wanted to share my Mummy Cleaning Must Haves with you all. I’ve picked all of these products because they make my life easier by saving me time or extra effort and they’re things I use every day.


ZoFlora – I’m pretty sure every home has a little bottle of Zoflora in it somewhere, especially since Mrs Hinch came on the scene but I can’t get enough of the stuff. After George has been put to bed, I like to give the kitchen sides a once over just to freshen everything up a bit. I use it neat in the bin as well for the same purpose. Linen Fresh is my all time favourite as I find it is the least artificial smelling, sometimes when I use more floral scents I feel as if I’m living in a bowl of pot pourri.

Bottle Brush – When you bottle feed your little one, you’ll feel as if you’re in a never ending cycle of washing and sterilising bottles. Having a good bottle brush can make the job a lot quicker so you have more time to spend with bubba. We have the Tesco Fred & Flo Bottle Brush, as it’s got a curved back it’s great for getting all around the nooks and crannies which is so important.

Highchair Wipes – When it comes to weaning and feeding your little one, mess is unavoidable! Sometimes you need a quick way to clear up so I find that having a little pack of highchair wipes to hand for the bulk of the mess and left over food. Each of the wipes go really far in cleaning up mess and so the pack lasts quite a while. It’s only 75p for a pack of 30 so also great value. Any sort of antibacterial wipe will do the same job but the ASDA Little Angels ones are bleach and fragrance free so they are going to be a lot more delicate on baby skin.


FoamAroma – This stuff is literally magic! Just a capful of the powder tipped into the toilet bowl and that’s it. I usually do this just before bed or before I go out with George for the day so that the toilet is clean and smelling wonderful when I wake up/get home. I’ve always used the ‘Ocean Mist’ one but I know there’s another fragrance if you fancy something a bit more floral.

Astonish Bathroom – Along with the FoamAroma, I like to have a quick wipe around the top of the cistern, the sides and the sink in the bathroom. I feel like the bathroom can be such a dusty place and so by just wiping everything down once a day it makes such a difference. I’m a big fan of the entire Astonish range to be honest, but the bathroom cleaner is the holy grail for me.


Dettol All in One – Another product in a linen scent, I just can’t get enough! With this being a product you can use on hard and soft surfaces, it’s perfect for things like the door handles and rugs throughout the house. I’ve always really trusted Dettol products and now more than ever I’m conscious about germs because I don’t want George getting poorly. Having a quick spray over with this is no effort at all.

1001 Carpet Fresh – Linen again! Honestly, this stuff smells heavenly. I mainly use this on the rug in the hall and the stairs so the scent travels round the house. I do this after I hoover as this is the version that you don’t need to vacuum up.

Colour Catchers – Now, with a baby, there’s all sorts of different things going in the wash at any time and so to keep on top of it I just throw it all in together. Colour Catchers are my guardian angels and allow me to keep on top of the washing which is so important with a little one around. I’ve used a couple of different brands but definitely prefer the Dylon ones, you can get small packs in discount stores like Poundland and the bigger packs are in most supermarkets.

So those are my Mummy Cleaning Must Haves! Do you have any of these in your cupboards at home? What are they products you couldn’t live without?

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