[GIFTED] Slime Baff Review

We were very kindly sent a range of Gelli Baff & Slime products from Zimpli Kids to try out and I wanted to share our experience with the products with you all. First off, I just want to say that George is possibly a bit too small to have this in the bath with him so we used it to create some sensory play for him by including some bath toys. The recommended age is 3+ but I was right next to him the whole time and was too scared not to be super vigilant with what he was doing. Anyway, enough of my disclaimer for all the righteous mums out there, on to the review!


We received an amazing range of both the Gelli and Slime Baff products to try out. There are SO many different varieties for you to get stuck in to with some containing glitter, some that smell like bubblegum. They do have the Gelli & Slime Play range too which is more for play outside of the bath. We decided to check out the Goo Blue Slime Baff first of all.


Creating the slime was really easy but definitely wear some gloves as I did end up with blue tinged hands after mixing it with my fingers – totally my fault, it does mention this in the instructions! Once it’s transformed into slime or gelli, it doesn’t transfer colour; this only happens in the mixing process. All you need to do it get the water (either in the bath or a plastic tub like I’m doing) and sprinkle in the powder. It will start to get thicker the more you mix it around and takes between 5-10 minutes to fully dissolve. All I did after that was throw some bath toys in to create a more sensory experience. After this I just threw in some bath toys for a more interesting experience.


You can tell just by George’s face how exciting this was! He was so mesmerised by it all, it was such a new experience for him. He did try and put some of the toys towards his mouth on a couple of occasions, but mostly he was feeling his way through the slime and figuring out what this whole new texture was.


When we were finished, cleaning up the slime was really easy. If you were in the bath, you would simply fill it up more until it becomes for fluid and able to go down the drain. I filled up the sink to get rid of ours in pretty much the same way, just on a much smaller scale. When it came to cleaning up George, this was a bit more of a struggle but only because he’s still little and doesn’t stay still. If your little ones are a bit older, you can hose them off in the tub or get them to wash their hands in the sink and everything would be fine.


This was a great activity to do with George and he definitely enjoyed it. I wouldn’t do it every day mostly due to the effort of trying to get George clean afterwards but it’s definitely something I would do again and I’m really looking forward to trying out more of the different products in the range. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make bath time a little bit more fun.

Have you ever tried these products out before? Do you have any different ways of creating a sensory play experience? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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