Best & Worst: Teething Edition

Teething is one of those things that just seem to go on forever and ever… and ever! As soon as you’re through with one set, the next are on their way. We’ve found certain things help George through the whole process and others that were just an absolute waste of money. Here are my top 3 best and worst teething products for your little one.


Matchstick Monkey

We have 2 different styles of the Matchstick Monkey and both of them are amazing. The original one was great for George’s first two bottom teeth, as he was still learning to hold things and bring them to his mouth, the arms of this one were perfectly sized for his little palms. Now he’s a bit more tactile with things, the dancing monkey version seems to be a bit more popular with him because it’s got a few more textured pieces on. The bumps on the back of their head are not only great for relieving your little ones teeth pain, but also to help apply teething gel. I’ve noticed so many places sell these wonderful monkeys now and I saw mini ones in Tesco, so if you’re not sure if your little one will get on with it, pick one of these up to try. They come in such a beautiful range of colours too!


Yes, we give George teething gel. 99% of the time, his monkey is enough to help him relieve his pain but on days where his teeth are particularly bad, he needs a little bit of extra help. It’s normally before a nap or bedtime that we’ll use it so he can get some decent rest. George is very like me in the way that if he doesn’t get proper sleep, he is the grumpiest person ever. We’ve found that Bonjela is the one that gives the most relief and that lasts the longest so we always have a tube in the house/changing bag for emergencies.

Toothbrush & Paste

So, apparently, as soon as your bubbas teeth come through that’s when you should begin brushing them! We have about 30 tubes of infant toothpaste stashed away from the Bounty and Emma’s Diary packs from when I was pregnant. We’ve began introducing tooth brushing into bath time and George has really enjoyed it so far! I think it because the bristles act in the same way as the bumps in the Matchstick Monkey – whatever it is, I’m just glad he doesn’t put up a fight just yet.


Teething Granules

Some parents swear by these but jeez, I cannot work out how you’re meant to get them into a baby’s mouth and then have them rub their gums together. As soon as we put them in George’s mouth, they were spat back out at us. Waste of money for us, definitely consider what’s going to be the easiest to apply and how your baby reacts to new textures in the mouth before buying a product like this.


As I’ve mentioned before, we tried a few brands of teething gel and I think Dentinox was the least helpful one we used. Don’t get me wrong, it works but not for very long. After about 20-30 mins we found George was in pain again. It’s not too expensive, pretty sure you can get it in Poundland, so if you’re looking for a quick answer to see you through until you get home or something then this might be worth a purchase.

Teething Keys

Again, some parents swear by these little keys but George could not get to grips with them, literally. He found the shapes very awkward to hold and couldn’t get a good angle to put them in his mouth in order to bite down on them. It may be that we just had the wrong set and there were better ones out there but I wasn’t going to buy another set of a different brand just in case he had the same issues.

So those are my best and worst products that we have for teething! Have I missed any absolute gems that other parents need to know about? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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