8 Month Baby & Mum Update

George is 8 months old… 8 MONTHS OLD! He’s 2/3 of the way to being 1 and that scares me. It’s been a crazy month so I’m just going to jump right on in. As always, if you need to catch up then click here for last month’s update.

Moving House

The biggest change this month has been that we moved house! We’ve relocated to a different town about 25 minutes drive from where we were before and honestly I couldn’t be happier. The area is much nicer, the house is bigger and we have a lovely garden for George to play in. Also, the schools here are really good so I know that eventually we’re going to be in a good place for George’s education. Once the finishing touches are in and the boxes have all gone, I’ll definitely want to do a house tour.

Starting Dinner

George is now having 3 meals a day! We decided that once we’d moved that we’d start involving him in dinner. He’s not on massive portions but he does enjoy being at the table with us. Now he’s in a routine of meals, I’ll slowly start increasing the quantity of what he has and introduce snacks throughout the day as well. I’d love to try some new recipes too so leave any recommendations in the comments.


The top two front teeth have cut through! I think he’s definitely struggling with these ones more than the bottom two. His Matchstick Monkey is constantly on hand and if it gets really bad then the bonjela is close by.

Nursery Visit

The past month I have been constantly worrying about returning to work and what to do in terms of childcare for George. We’ve been on a visit to the nursery up the road from us and it looks lovely. In my mind I’m just not ready to go back but in this day and age a lot of parents don’t have much of a choice. I’ll be going back part time but even that is breaking my heart. I’ve still got a month left because of the holiday I saved up so I guess I just have to enjoy it while I can!


Although George hasn’t quite mastered any major milestones this month, there are a few things he’s gearing towards:

  • Speech – He’s one vocal little chap! We’ve got DA, MA and BA sounds down now. He also has random little ramblings to himself as if he’s having a proper conversation. Super cute!
  • Crawling – I don’t think it’s going to be long until he’s actually on the move. The legs are kicking wildly and that gets him about 1cm forward. At the moment, if he wants to go somewhere, he just rolls away.
  • Standing – With all the kicking he’s been doing, his legs are getting pretty strong. We’ve been doing some practice at standing up and he can hold my hands and keep upright for a little while now.

I think by next month’s update, we’ll be able to tick some these off completely.

Nothing more to report from this month! We’ve got another nursery visit coming up and a trip to see my grandparents; this will be George’s first long journey anywhere so I’m over packing as usual. What have you got coming up? Comment and let me know.

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