A Letter to my Pregnant Self

Pregnant Abbie,

First of all, if you’re reading this then time travel is possible – cool! Now for the serious stuff…

No-one prepared you for how difficult pregnancy was going to be and I know at times you question whether you made the right decision. Trust me, you did! Your boy is the most amazing little chap ever and you’re going to love getting to know him.

You don’t have to love pregnancy, be honest with people. It’s OK to hate it, you’re still excited to be a mum! Don’t think you have to stick with your midwife either, you are allowed to change them just speak to your doctor.

Take more pictures during pregnancy! Looking back, there’s 1 picture of your bump… 1!!! Your body is doing something amazing, celebrate it and document it, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Forget about the due date, it only annoys you when it gets close and *spoiler alert* he’s not on time anyway. He’ll arrive when he’s good and ready.

Don’t be afraid to start your maternity leave early, especially when you start to be in real pain – it’s for the best! You need all the rest you can get as you’re in for a wild ride.

Read more while you can! You’ll thank me when George is 6 months old and you’ve only managed 1 and a half books since he was born…

Giving birth is difficult, like REALLY difficult. Try and remember to do your pelvic floor exercises because you’ll need those muscles. But don’t panic, Charlie is going to be more amazing than you could ever imagine during the whole thing. Your love for him is only going to grow, even if you do argue more now. Humour Charlie and his name choices because you end up getting what you want anyway.

Most importantly, just be kind to yourself. Stop worrying about what kind of mum you’re going to be and how you’re going to do things. Just be happy and enjoy the this new adventure.

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