6 Month Baby & Mum Update

Another month has gone by, can you believe it? My baby is half a year old! So many big changes have happened for George this month so I’ll jump straight into it and if you need to catch up on last months update then click here.


In last months update I spoke about how George had started teething but we didn’t have any cut through. Well, that’s all changed! They’re not fully through yet but his bottom two teeth have cut and man are they sharp! Putting teething gel on is a risky game, especially if he’s feeling hungry.


George’s new chompers are soon going to be put to good use as we’ve started weaning! It was a few weeks early but he was definitely ready to get stuck in to something more than milk. So far we’ve done a range of veg and a little bit of baby porridge. I want to do a whole post just on weaning so I can get into it in much more depth so keep an eye out for that.


The 11th of May was such a special day, George gave us his first proper giggle. I cannot even begin to explain how insanely happy this made me! Now, he hasn’t done it since but I’m just pleased to know that the giggle is there. It’s so surreal because you can almost get a sense of what their little voice is going to be like.

Sitting & Rolling

We’ve been working on the back to front roll and sitting up over the past month. He’s pretty close in getting both of them but we’re not quite there yet! Luckily George is a bit more forgiving of tummy time at the moment so we’re doing it more to get his strength up! You’ll have to keep an eye out for next month’s update to see if we manage it.


George has begun sleeping in his own room now too. It’s so weird to not have him in with us anymore but he was definitely ready. He’s been really good at sleeping through in there and *touch wood* this will continue.

Mummy Update

So, the past month has been pretty normal for me other than missing the newborn stage. Some of my friends have had babies recently and it’s made me realise how quickly George’s newborn phase has passed me by. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’ll know I hated pregnancy but I keep finding myself thinking that it would be worth it to have another little bundle to love. Then I remember that there’s no way I’m looking after 2 under 2!

I’ve only got a couple of months of maternity leave left now and that’s really starting to make me nervous. I don’t feel ready to let anybody else look after George, I like the way I do things and don’t want that to change. I’m also deathly afraid of missing milestones! I’d love to be able to work from home but it’ll all depend on what will work with my job. I’m going to come up with a few scenarios and hope that one of them will be OK.

I think that’s pretty much it for this month. I hope you guys have all had a great few weeks; let me know what you’ve been up to!

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