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You’re never too far from a judgemental opinion on what you’re doing, especially when you’re a parent! You find yourself constantly under a magnifying glass for every choice you make and somehow have to justify it. I thought I’d take a dive into some on the most controversial parenting topics and give you my thoughts on them. Let’s get to it!

Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

I am 100% pro choice and I always have been, even now I’m a mother. You never know someone else’s situation and a woman has a right to decide what happens to her body. Now, I don’t think abortions should relied upon in place of contraception but I’m in no position to dictate what another woman has to do so no-one else should either. This will always be a topic of debate I think and I know that not everyone will agree with me but I will always stand by a woman’s right to choose.

Baby Wearing

I don’t know if I’m being naive but I don’t think I count this as controversial. We never bought a baby carrier so I don’t actually know what I’m missing out on but I think it’s a wonderful thing to do. Babies love to be held and I’d never have an issue with someone carrying their baby around. If we were to have another baby I think that I would look into getting a carrier to make it easier to get things done.


We didn’t get George circumcised and I don’t see the need for it to be done really! Female or male circumcision is a strong no in my book, if you make the decision to have it done yourself then that’s your choice, you do you, but to mutilate another human being (normally an infant) is just wrong. I know that in some cultures or religions, circumcision is a normal part of life but I can’t imagine putting my children through anything like that for no reason.


How anyone can be against this I don’t know! Unless it’s in the context of giving up your child for adoption, but even then it’s completely circumstantial and very personal to each person. I think it’s a wonderful thing for a family to take in a child at any age and give them a home. I have a friend that adopted her little boy and she loves him so much, she is his mum – just because she didn’t give birth to him doesn’t take that away. She’s the one that loves him and feeds him, cuddles him when he cries, teaches him how to tie his shoes. Adoption is beautiful when a child finds it’s home.

Baby Piercing

No, just no. I don’t get it! Your baby didn’t ask for needles through it’s ears so it can look “cute” so why do it? It doesn’t make sense to me in the slightest. If, when they’re old enough, they decide they want their ears pierced then cool, but don’t put a baby through that pain unnecessarily.

Breast vs Formula

The age old debate, how is this still a controversial topic in 2019?! Fed is best, as long as a baby is happy and has food in it’s belly then you’ve done a good job. Don’t get me wrong, breast milk is liquid gold and it has so many benefits for your baby but if you choose to/can’t breastfeed then you’re not any less of a mum. I tried breastfeeding, George didn’t seem to latch and he was getting super hungry so I started exclusively expressing as I didn’t want to fail him. After 6 weeks it finally hit me that a happy mum means a happy baby. George is a perfectly happy and healthy little boy and that’s all I can ask for. As one of my mummy friends said the other day “They’ll all grow up to eat McDonalds anyway”.


This is a tough one. Of course I never want to smack my child but I cannot promise that it’ll never happen and it certainly would not be the first option! George isn’t old enough to need disciplining yet so I don’t know what approach I’m going to take.


This is a tricky one. Personally, I couldn’t do it as I wouldn’t be able to sleep out of fear of crushing my baby. In my opinion, I want my bed to be mine too. Of course when George is a bit older he can come in for a cuddle in the mornings but overnight, that space is mine! As long as people are co-sleeping

Home vs Public vs Private vs Charter Schooling

I don’t understand what Charter Schooling is so it’ll be a no for that and I definitely don’t want to home school George as I’d like him to socialise with a group of children his own age. So the real choice for us would be public or private schooling. I went to a public school and Charlie went to a private school – we both ended up meeting each other when we worked in a Wetherspoons so… I’ll definitely be looking into Ofsted reports but I think a lot of how your child gets on at school comes from home and I want to do everything I can to support him when he gets to school age.


Ugh, this topic makes me so angry – vaccinations should be compulsory unless there’s a medical reason for your child not to get them. Why anyone would purposely put their own and other people’s children at risk is beyond me. That’s all I’ll say on the matter otherwise it’ll need a blog post of it’s own.

Medicating Children

I don’t really understand this one, doesn’t every parent reach for the calpol for a temperature? If my baby is in pain and a bit of paracetamol or ibuprofen is going to help then I don’t see the harm. If it’s in terms of medicating for things like ADHD then I think that’s a bit of a difficult situation – I don’t have all the facts on things like this so I can’t truthfully say what I’d do to be honest.

Cloth vs Disposable Nappies

Pitchforks at the ready… I use disposable nappies. Purely for convenience and not putting poopy nappies in my washing machine. In an ideal world I would use cloth nappies but at the moment it’s what works for us.

CIO (Cry It Out) Method

I’m such a pushover when it comes to George crying, it’s one of my biggest flaws as a parent and I know it. I can’t cope with the sound of him crying so he doesn’t even have a chance to cry it out! If he’s having a little whinge then I’ll keep an eye to see if he settles himself down but if he starts to get a bit hysterical then I’ll be there to calm him down.

I hope you’ve all found it interesting to read my view on some of the most controversial parenting topics. If we disagree on some things then feel free to leave your opinions below, but please keep it polite. Thanks all!

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