5 Month Baby & Mum Update

I have a 5 month old, this is getting insane! Will this ever slow down? Before I know it, he’s not going to need me as much anymore and I’m seriously missing the newborn squishy-ness. If you need to catch up last months update then click here and if you’re all caught up then let’s get onto this month!


This was kicking off just as last month was ending so I didn’t really touch on it. We still don’t have any teeth yet but you can tell where they’re going to come through as they’re pushing on the gums. George is loving his Matchstick Monkey to take the edge off and if he gets really fed up then we’ve also been using the Dentinox teething gel. I’m not sure how long it’s going to be until he actually has teeth but he’s definitely wanting to chomp down a lot more!


George has always been a relatively good sleeper, but over the past month he’s been a bit more up and down in terms of sleeping through the night. He’ll wake up screaming which I think is partly to do with the teeth and maybe also the next developmental leap coming up. Needless to say that I’m a bit exhausted at the moment, but what parent isn’t, right?

Birthday & Mother’s Day

During the last month I had my first birthday as George’s mum and also my first Mother’s Day which both took place on the same weekend. I’ve done a whole post about this which you can find here.

Weight Issues

When I hurt my foot I couldn’t leave the house, especially with a young baby in tow, so we didn’t go to a weigh in clinic for around 6/7 weeks. I did ring the local health visitor team to see if they would come round and weigh him but they said no and that I’d have to find a way to get to a clinic. This really frustrated me as when I finally got to go after I was cleared from the doctor as George had dropped down a couple of percentiles and there was talk of being referred to a paediatrician and possible early weaning. It seems as though he was just finding his groove as he’s followed this new line now for a few weeks but we’re still going back every fortnight to make sure he’s on track still. As a first time mum I am a real worrier, I just think if someone had bothered to come and weigh him at home then something could have been done a bit earlier and not put me in a position of feeling like a terrible mother for weeks.


I’m still waiting for a proper little giggle out of my boy but I don’t think it’s going to be long before we get one. He makes excited and happy noises a lot of the time so I know he’s not unhappy generally. George loves playing peekaboo with his dad and having raspberries blown on his belly when he’s being changed. He’s such a cheeky little chap and I think he knows that he’s keeping me waiting.

When will it slow down?

Now it’s my bit! Generally I’m feeling OK, my foot is healing and I can actually do things again but I’m still not 100% right. I can’t believe that he’s 5 months old already, I was looking back at newborn pictures of him recently and he was so tiny compared to how he is now. I really desperately miss those newborn cuddles and that feeling of total dependence on me and his dad. I’m trying so hard to enjoy every moment as before I know it we’re going to be at his first birthday. I’m back in my pre-pregnancy clothes completely but I’m hoping they won’t fit for long as I want to lose weight now I’m back on my feet properly.

That’s it for this month! Let me know what you’ve been up to by leaving a comment and head on over to my Instagram for more frequent George updates if you love seeing his squishy little face.

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