Babylo Cozi Sleeper Review

Sleep is a big topic of debate amongst parents, professionals and those who just like to be controversial. It’s definitely something I’ve always been concerned about so making sure we had a safe place for George to sleep as soon as he was born was really important to me. After a bit of research, we came across the Babylo Cozi Sleeper; I thought I would give you my opinion on it so if you’re looking for something similar it can help you make the best decision for you.

We’ve been very lucky in the fact that George has been a rather good sleeper so far. We got the Cozi Sleeper before he was born so that we would have it ready for his first night at home – George had other ideas. We tried to settle him in it for the first few days but he really hated it in the beginning. I think because it’s quite spacious he felt a bit lost in it and so preferred his moses basket so feel a bit more secure. At around 4 weeks old we tried him back in the Cozi Sleeper, as he’s quite long, and he’s been sleeping in there a night ever since.

It’s very similar to the Chicco Next-to-me crib in the sense that it has the side that you’re able to pull down to have next to your bed. This isn’t a feature we use anymore and we have the mesh side up permanently but this was very beneficial in terms of comforting your little one throughout the night.

The mesh panel on the side is really helpful for us as we can keep an eye on him without having to hover over, plus we use a projector as part of our bedtime routine so it doesn’t get obstructed for him while he’s in there. The one thing I would say is that if you want to switch between having the side up and down then you’ll want to think about it before putting your little one to bed as the fixings that hold it together are quite stiff.

Overall I think that this is a great product but I wouldn’t say it was essential, you definitely don’t need to have it before your baby arrives as they’re quite happy in a bassinet for the first couple of weeks at least. Where does your little one sleep at the moment or where do you plan for them to go when they arrive? Leave a comment and let me know.

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