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4 Month Baby & Mum Update

Can you believe another month has gone by already?! George is now 4 months old and has undertaken another leap in his development and I’ve noticed a massive difference in him. I won’t drone on, let’s get right into how we’ve been over the past month.

I’ll start with me to get it out of the way – I’m now able to walk again! I went for an x-ray and the consultant told me that I can wear normal shoes and walk normally. I’ve got to go back in April for another x-ray just to see how it’s healing so I’m trying not to overdo it but after 8 weeks of being stuck in the house, I’ve possibly pushed it a bit more than I should have. In terms of postpartum, I have not lost as much weight as I’d hoped due to my foot injury – now that it’s healed I’m looking forward to being more active and gaining some confidence while losing some pounds. Also, maybe TMI, I’ve had my first period since giving birth. I was dreading it as I had bleeding for around 8 weeks after giving birth but thankfully it wasn’t too bad. That’s all for me, on to George!

Baby Sensory

With my foot now being better we started going back to Baby Sensory – YAY! I can’t explain how good it has felt to be around other mums again. I’ve got a few really good friends in that class and although we talk to each other regularly, it’s been difficult not to see them all and their babies. It’s been wonderful for George to experience new activities and socialise with other babies. We also tried out Jiggy Wrigglers which was really fun, it’s quite similar to Baby Sensory but you don’t have to block book for it so if you miss a week it’s not an issue. Also, they have a loyalty scheme!

In terms of his development, he’s been interacting with toys a lot more and using his hands to feel different textures. Anything that has a crinkle is currently a winner in our house! While he’s been playing he’s also become a lot more talkative but has also started to add consonants into his speech so when I repeat sounds back to him it’s like we’re having a little conversation – super adorable.

So, sleep regression has also started to kick in – thankfully not too bad at the moment but I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to play out. Currently George seems to be fighting the day time naps – he used to have 3 naps of about 2 hours each day almost like clockwork but now it’s been a bit more unpredictable. If he wakes from a nap early he is really grumpy, and I mean REALLY grumpy – as if he’s been possessed by a devil baby. He’s impossible to calm down too which does make me really emotional as I feel like nothing I do is working. Also, he’s started waking in the night but I am able to get him back to sleep unlike in the day time which is a real blessing.

We had to take George for his 16 week jabs this month. Now, Charlie came for moral support and he was the one who ended up taking him in. I could hear my baby screaming down the corridor and was heartbroken but I was there to give him cuddles afterwards. He didn’t really have any issues afterwards which I’m very thankful for.

We’ve just started the teething stage as well just to finish the month off with another hurdle to overcome. It’s only just beginning so I’ll see how it progresses and let you know how it goes in next months update. Let me know what you’ve been getting up to or ask me a question in the comments.


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