3 Month Baby & Mum Update

Welcome to another month everyone! If you’re up to date on my previous monthly posts then you’ll know that I’ve started this month with my foot in plaster; not ideal when you’ve got a new baby! If you’re not up to date, then click here to catch up. On with the post…

Foot Surgery – At the end of last month I had just had my foot put in plaster. George was so well behaved after spending 6 hours with me in A&E but this wasn’t the end of our hospital trips. The next week I had to go back for a consultant appointment where they told me I would need to have surgery and hardware put in my foot to repair it otherwise I could risk the structure of my foot essentially collapsing. I was so fed up at this point, who knew that falling down a couple of stairs (that’s right, it wasn’t even a whole flight!) would cause so much damage. The next morning, I got a phone call saying that I had been booked in for the surgery and to make my way up. It got to 5 o’clock, I was sat in the day surgery ward with my arrow word and they told me it had been cancelled as they were going to run over with the current patient. URGH! So I went back the next morning at 7.30am as they booked me in as the first patient of the day.

Now, I know how underfunded the NHS is and how hard they all work but what an absolute shambles. It was a Saturday and day surgery unit wasn’t open so I went up to the ward they’d booked me in on to find they didn’t have a bed for me so I had to sit in reception. What seemed like an age went by and then the team had come up to take me to theatre and I wasn’t ready – I had nowhere to get into a gown or anything. I managed to find a room to get changed in and I was on my way for surgery. Before I knew it I was waking up in recovery and it was the strangest feeling; I was put under general anaesthetic but I also had nerve block in my leg for pain relief when I woke up so it felt like it wasn’t even there. Now, I was told I would be in and out within the same day which was great but with it now being the weekend the physios weren’t in after 12pm and apparently I needed to see them before I could be discharged. This meant that I had to spend my first night away from George in hospital, I was heartbroken! I spent most of the night crying whenever a nurse asked me if I was OK; longest night of my life. The physios came round the next morning unaware that I had already been in a cast for a week when I came in for surgery so I didn’t actually need to see them!!! My next appointment was 10 days after I got discharged and after an x ray they said I could use an orthopaedic shoe. This looks like a platform shoe with the front section missing (trendy right?!) which would allow me to walk around the house without putting weight on the front of my foot which was where the metal work got put in. Happy days! So I’ve been using this shoe for a couple of weeks and it does make life a bit easier in terms of mobilisation but I am still in pain and have to walk strangely to make sure the shoe doesn’t tip forward. I’ve only got a couple of weeks until my next appointment so please pray for me guys, I just want to go outside again!

Missing Classes – Before I hurt my foot I was attending baby sensory on a Wednesday and also baby massage on a Friday. I loved it! It gave me a solid reason to leave the house 2 times a week and socialise with other mums, many of which I had gone to antenatal classes with. Since I’ve hurt my foot, I haven’t been able to go to any of them, other than to go to the hospital appointments, I haven’t been able to go outside. This has been the worst part of the whole thing, not being able to take my little boy outside, I’ve felt like the worst mum in the world even though I didn’t intentionally fall down the stairs. Luckily both courses have said I could use the missed lessons once I’m better so I’m very excited to get back into that routine.

Vaccinations – With my injury I couldn’t take George for his second lot of jabs at the GP surgery but luckily Charlie managed to get the day off. I was sort of glad that I didn’t have to take him as the first experience was so horrendous for me. But Charlie said he was absolutely fine this time which was a great relief!

Reaching/Grabbing – This month George has started to purposely reach out for things and hold onto them. He’s definitely discovered his hands! Whenever he’s not reaching for toys he is putting his hand in his mouth. We’ve started a rotation on the toys so he’s got more things that with stimulate and encourage him to be more tactile when playing. Head on over to my Instagram here to check out a video of him with his Vtech play mat which is ideal for this age!

ROLLING! – So, on the last day before he turns 3 months old, George decided that he wanted to start rolling! He’s really hated tummy time up until this point so it was such a relief to see him develop this skill. Now, he’s still got a bit of a way to go in terms of strengthening but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m so unbelievably proud 😍

That’s it for my 3 month update! Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to over the past few weeks and hit the follow button to make sure you get updated whenever I put out a new post.

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