Top 5 Changing Bag Essentials

Every parent knows the importance of being prepared when it comes to your changing bag – we’ve all had that moment where we’ve been caught off guard out of the house. I thought I would share my Top 5 Changing Bag Essentials with you all, be sure to leave yours in the comments so we can all share recommendations with each other.

*I’ve not included any milk in my essentials as that would depend on your feeding situation but if you’re formula feeding then I find that the ready to use bottles are really handy as all you need is a sterilised bottle to pour it in to and you’re ready to go*

ASDA Little Angels Nappies

Nappies – Insanely obvious, I know, but I wanted to include this in my Top 5 Changing Bag Essentials more as a specific product recommendation. Throughout my pregnancy we stocked up on a few different brands of nappies and received some samples through the Emma’s Diary and Bounty packs too. If you’re pregnant then I definitely suggest doing the same, you’ll be glad when you don’t have to run to the shops because you’ve run out after a couple of days. We found that the ASDA Little Angels have worked really well for George and prevented 99% of leaks as well as keeping the smell of wee at bay. Due to them being a supermarket own brand they’re also very affordable.

Pampers Pure Aqua Wipes

Wipes – Now again, obvious, but the importance of a decent packet of wipes cannot be underestimated; especially when you’re dealing with a poo explosion. We’ve gone through a few different wipes since he’s been born and my personal favourite so far have been Pampers Pure wipes. They’re a bit cheaper than water wipes but still wonderfully gentle for your baby’s little bum.

Sudocrem and Dummy

Dummy – George is a bottle fed baby, so I find that having a dummy on hand to help him soothe is invaluable; I think this also helps to prevent overfeeding. We use the Tommee Tippee dummies and he’s gotten on really well with them. Generally, if we’re out and about he’s usually asleep due to the movement of the pushchair, but I never like to risk it.

Cream – The reason I have this in my changing bag is for the same reason I have the dummy; I don’t want to be caught without it if I’m out of the house. As a first time mum, I’m probably a bit more overprotective than I should be and try to pack for every eventuality. Through the Emma’s Diary & Bounty packs I also accumulated a little stash of miniature pots of Sudocrem which means I’m prepared but it doesn’t take up a load of room in my bag.

Muslin Cloths

Muslins – I probably keep a few too many of these in my changing bag. I go through so many a day and generally use them in place of bibs. My favourites have been from Primark so far and the more I was them the softer they’re getting.

Changing Bag Backpack

Just wanted to give a special mention to my actual changing bag. This is a backpack from Animal so isn’t technically a changing bag but works perfectly for this purpose. The flap on the front is the ideal size for my travel changing mat and there’s a good amount of pockets inside. It’s also got a little handle on the top so I can hang it off of my mummy clip on the pram too which is fab!

What items can you not live without in your changing bag? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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